#Mastodon v2.3.1 is out! 🎉

- Bug fixes
- Button to open all CWs in a thread
- New cute default avatar

#Mastodon 2.3.0 is out! 🎉

- Search your toots
- Download your archive
- Intelligent thumbnail crops
- Pinned toots
- Profile media galleries
- New landing page
- No more ugly media URLs in toots
- LDAP, CAS and SAML integrations
- and many more things!

#Mastodon release candidate v2.3.0rc2 is out:

- Pinned toots federate and display in web UI, finally
- Hashtag autocomplete from history
- Media modal with pinch zoom
- No more auto-insert of media URLs into toot text, toots with media and no text are allowed
- Fixes, including a fix for the broken password reset form

#Mastodon v2.2.0 is out:

✅ Pretty templates for all e-mails
✅ Welcome e-mails
✅ Improved digest e-mails
✅ Fixed home timeline bugs for returning users
✅ Number of follow requests displayed in a badge
✅ And more!

📰 Mastodonで始めるPythonプログラミング!腕試しテスト50本ノック(初級編) - Qiita #マストドン #mastodon

#Mastodon v2.1.0rc6, fingers crossed tomorrow we can simply re-name it to 2.1.0 if everything's alright

v2.1 of #Mastodon will have a "moderator" role with less permissions than the "admin" role that's currently present. It will also start logging all moderator/admin actions in an audit log!

In so far as APIs are concerned, it will also have lists (sort people you are following into different columns), I am still working on the UI for editing those though.

Yay! #Mastodon 2.0 is finally here! 🐘🎆

Read all about the custom emojis, new changes and much more at:

#Mastodon 1.6.0rc5 is out

Last release candidate before final release of 1.6.0 today evening.

#Mastodon v1.6.0rc4 is out:

Pretty sure it's stabilizing now. RC1 came out 7 days ago. So it's about time for final release, just gotta have this one brew for one more day.


:red_circle:2017/8/22分より、月間アクティブユーザー数(MAU) を追加しました!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: マストドン アプリ別ユーザー数調査結果

:chart_with_downwards_trend: マストドン 活動ユーザー数調査結果

#mastodon #research #DAU #WAU #MAU #アプリ



:chart_with_upwards_trend: マストドン アプリ別ユーザー数調査結果

:chart_with_downwards_trend: マストドン 活動ユーザー数調査結果

#mastodon #research #DAU #WAU #アプリ

#Mastodon v1.5.1 is a really small patch release that fixes a rather important regression in 1.5.0 that (to my knowledge) affected primarily GNU social accounts

v1.4.6でWebからお気に入りが開けない問題、 で直ったぽいです。fix commitをcherry-pickしました。ykzts様おおきに!おおきに! の料金まとめました。

マストドンぼっちインスタンス on GCP のランニングコスト #mastodon - おくみん公式ブログ

🆕ずーっと模索し続けた結果、おひとり様インスタンス+#Naummani が今のところ最強デス✊️

もう少し #Tootdon や Tootle にも頑張って欲しいですが。。。


#使い方 #ナウマン

#Mastodon v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes:





#マストドン #mastodon #セキュリティ #security